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As a marketing agency, one of the many important things that we try to stress to our clients is to always strive to improve your online presence.

Many of our clients will proclaim; “Our online presence is already really good”. While I can appreciate that, the more positive things that you have in your favor, the easier it is to maintain your online presence when something goes awry.

I am a firm believer in Murphy’s Law, which states; “If something can go wrong, it will”.

So let’s look at 3 ways that you can improve your online presence and stay ahead of the curve.

Ways to improve your online presence


Be active on social media and be acutely aware of what you are posting online.

You should be active on at least 3 social media networks and you need to be very aware of how your behavior on those networks will affect your business. Stay away from posting or commenting on anything political. Politics are very divisive and if you identify yourself as either right or left, you are eliminating half of the population from your potential client list. You should post business related things, but also “feel good” personal thing to let potential clients know that you have a soft personal side. So yes, if you like videos of puppies playing, that is ok.

When we say social media networks, we mean Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and even Youtube.

Practice proper SEO on your website.

This is extremely important to potential clients being able to find you online. Search engine optimization is creating your webpages with the intention of being found online for your particular keywords. It includes doing keyword research to find out what clients in your niche are searching for and then providing them information related to their search in such a way that the search engines find your page relevant and authoritative and include you in the top 5-10 results on the first page. Contact us here at Lehmann Design to discuss how we can help you with SEO.

Build back links to your website.

Back links not only help Google to view your site as an authority, they can also generate traffic and bring potential clients to your realm. Here are some strategies to consider when building back links.

Guest Posting

Write posts on relevant blogs in your niche. These will include at least one link back to your site, usually in your profile, but sometimes in the content itself.

Contribute in Niche Relevant Forums

Same deal here, you should get a link in your profile. Remember to add value to every discussion that you are a part of and don’t spam the group.

Create Over the Top, Awesome Content Worthy of linking Too

When you create really good content, you will naturally build links as others find your content and are wowed by it.


That should get you started with ways to improve your online presence. We caanot stress how important this is in today’s business climate.

If you have any questions or would like help improving your business’s online presence feel free to contact us!